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"If its one thing I learned from Amy, is that hiding those feelings is a very, very hard thing to do. Eventually the truth slips out. But if you’re able to hold it in, it might also just start to slowly eat away at you. I think the best thing, in the end, is to communicate those feelings. Yes, there is the risk of losing that person, but I also think if you are prepared for those feelings to not be reciprocated, it will be easier to salvage the relationship. Because then you are prepared for the worst and you can start figuring out how to maintain the friendship after the feelings are out in the open. I think people have the notion sometimes that if they confess their love, maybe that other person will feel the same way. But sadly, that’s not always the case. I think honestly is the best policy in this situation, and also being ready to get your feelings hurt. If you are prepared for that, the only way left after that is up."

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"This is the part where I’m supposed to do the whole intro thingy. Barry Allen, fastest man alive… but you know all that already.”

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Dishonored → achievements

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«I know what you crave, what you fear.»

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"I can hear every single one of you plotting to exorcise me. It will not work!"

More demon Garrett. 

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Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward
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